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Senate Faculty Home Financing Programs

The University of California and the Santa Cruz campus have developed a variety of faculty mortgage assistance programs

Lenders for For Sale Housing (PDF 11KB)

Mortgage Origination Program (MOP) and Supplemental Home Loan Program (SHLP)

  • Should you be interested in either of these programs, you must request an allocation from the Dean of your division.

Low Interest Option Supplemental Home Loan Program (LIO-SHLP)

  • Eligibility: The LIO-SHLP is restricted to members of the Academic Senate who are:
    • Current homeowners within the Faculty and Staff for-sale program; or
    • Faculty who have not owned a primary residence in the campus area and are currently Assistant or Associate Professors who have not owned a primary residence in the Campus Area.
      • Incoming Assistant or Associate Professors who have accepted a position with the University of California, Santa Cruz effective July 1, 2008 or later who have been offered the option of selecting either a LIO-SHLP or a Recruitment Allowance to assist in their transition to the Santa Cruz area. If you are interested in evaluating these two programs click here (PDF 41KB).
  • Should you be interested in the LIO-SHLP, complete an application (PDF 32KB) and submit it to the Faculty and Staff Housing Office. Applications will be forwarded to the Deans of divisions for approval.

UCSC’s for-sale documents have many restrictions. Hence, many lenders will not be able to finance purchases for on-campus units. If you are currently working with a lender, be sure to ask if they are certain they can finance a loan in accordance with the university restrictions.

Interested Lending Institutions (PDF 14KB).